If you wish to make an enquiry for a puppy from any future litter please complete the questionnaire at bottom of page and email describing a little about yourself/family and why you have chosen an English Cocker Spaniel. There is a Sale/Purchase Agreement and all puppies will be registered on Limited Register with Dogs QLD.

There is a long wait especially for Gold puppies. I only breed 1-3 litters per year and only breed for my next show dog. 

If there is a puppy available I will be in touch. 

If you find a puppy elsewhere I would appreciate you letting me know so I can remove your interest. 

You can view my Facebook/Instagram pages to see current/previous puppies and my dogs.

Puppies are between 8-10wks when they go to their new homes registered on Limited Register with Dogs QLD (Not for Breeding) 1st Vaccination, Microchipped, Wormed for intestinal & prevention of heartworm every 2 weeks with Milbemax & Drontal alternatively (covered until puppy is 10weeks) Royal Canin 4kg Junior food, Royal Canin Puppy pack, information folder.


Interstate transport via flights only can be arranged at your expense taking into account the current restrictions.


All my dogs are fully DNA tested clear for AON AMS PRA FN BHFD PKFD EIC Hip and

elbowed scored - in the case of when I use an outside dog as the sire, who

does not belong to me, the breeder may or may not do hip scoring (as this is

not a mandatory test and is up to individual breeder to perform or not)

(There are no mandatory tests required for cocker spaniels)

I do hope there will be a puppy for myself & others whoever they maybe and hoping that mums carry them through with no problems.

Once they are born it is a critical period from birth onward & I will have many sleepless nights next to mum & babies to ensure their survival.

There is a sale of agreement on placement of my puppies plus a questionnaire. Please understand I cannot & do not breed for supply & demand but only to improve & preserve the breed.


If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to ask 

Pocket X Bruce Pups
Pocket & Bruce Pups 7 weeks.jpg
Pocket Litter DOB 1_11_2020