A Snood is a comfortable & easy to wear accessory to keep your

Cocker Spaniel's ears clean.


Worn like a headband on your dog's head, there are many functional uses as to why a snood is suggested -:
  • Holds in all the hair & ear fluff so that your dogs can eat their foods, both wet & dry, freely, without you worrying about them getting their ears into the bowl.
  • Keeping ears clean & dry after grooming 
  • For exercising in a wet or muddy enviroment
  • Preventing grass seeds etc from getting into ears


To be worn under supervision and never when the dog is unattended.
ONLY leave the Snood on when necessary and no longer than 30 minutes, then take it off. 
Beware! Some dogs like to chew, so we don't recommend leaving your dog alone while wearing their Snood.

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